Important information for Fall 2017....updated 10/14

The schedule has been updated up to Saturday 10/28.  Please note that the Saturday schedules may change periodically and is tentative as a result of our interleague scheduling partner.   ALL teams will either be playing or practicing on any given Saturday, unless of previous situations told to the WB Board of Directors and scheduler.   

Monday: ALL Clinics, some 10U teams and all Upper Teams

Tuesday: Most 10U and ALL 8U will play/practice

Wednesday: Tball

Thursday: ALL Upper Division and 8U1 and 8U3

Friday: 8U2 and ALL 10U teams

Saturday: ALL teams will either practice or play games (some 8U to Upper Teams may be traveling for interleague).  If your team travels one week they WILL NOT travel the following week. 

There is NO traveling interleague during the week.